Gluten Free Resource and Social Media Party on Freedible!!

I just joined Freedible, and I wanted to make sure you knew about this amazing new resource.

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What’s Freedible?

Its a new social network site for custom eaters (people living with food restrictions, like us!). You get a profile, you can update your status, join groups and participate in forums (Table Talk) on your custom diet. You’ll find recipes, a getting started guide and special info for kids. If you’re sort of out there on your own, this is a great place to connect. If you’ve already connected, you know what a great support other custom eaters can be. Imagine having a place to specifically hang out with them, ask questions and share tips. No gluten trolls to give you a hard time. There’s LOTS on this site, so give yourself time to explore.

If you’re a blogger:

Sign up for a blogger profile and help expand your reach. Your profile includes the restrictions you blog about, a link to your blog and your status is a great way to share your latest blog post or recipe with people who are specifically looking for information about your custom diet. A cool thing I’ve noticed about my fellow gluten free bloggers is we’re all in this to make life a little easier for those who are just starting to be gluten free. I’m really excited about having a place just for us, where we can hang out, get to know each other a little better and offer support to new people.

The site is just getting started, so when you join up, start participating! Make sure you friend me so we can hang out together! (the “add as friend” button is in the box right under my adorable profile pic.)

To get things started:

The month of July is going to be one massive social media party, Declare Your Independence from Food Restrictions! It’s going to be fun! We’re going to have an Instagram party, show some love to our favorite brands, and Pin recipes, restaurants and brands that make our lives so much easier. There will also be 3 (THREE) awesome twitter parties. Lots of fun, lots of prizes, lots of new friends!!

Here’s what’s going on this week:

July 4-7 we’re connecting on Instagram. Post your holiday gatherings, favorite dishes, people eating your favorite dishes. You know, be your normal Instagram self. Tag everything with #customeater and your specific restriction in my case it’s #glutenfree. Look for me at KnowGluten on Instagram I’ll be the one excessively using the Walden filter. 😉
Here’s specific information about joining in, and links to the rest of the parties and events.
Or you could click the big shiny button below.

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I’ve linked this post up with Vegetarian Mamma’s Gluten Free Fridays. I hope you’ll check it out, some of my favorite gluten free bloggers and resources hang out there.

Thanks for visiting! I’d love to connect!!

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