gluten free midnight delight Christmas cookies from

Midnight Delight Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies

I have it on good authority, that these cookies are Santa’s favorite. Seriously. If you’re putting out cookies for Santa this year, make these. And then call me, and I’ll come over and try them and make sure they’re okay. You know, just to make sure Santa gets the good stuff. Actually, I better just eat them all. Continue reading
Ridiculously Easy Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies From

Ridiculously Easy Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies

This weekend I’ll be speaking at the first every Google Plus Virtual Food Blogger’s Conference. I’m very excited to be sharing how to develop gluten free recipes. One of the ways I develop gluten free recipes is to simply swap out a gluten food for a gluten free food. This is so much easier now than when I first went gluten free because now we have things like really good gluten free pasta and half decent gluten free bread. And CAKE MIX!! Continue reading