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"Hey Pat, let's go grab a pint." Follow Me on Pinterest

“Hey Pat, let’s go grab a pint.”

It’s St. Patrick’s Day!! And for some reason, this Feast of the Church is often celebrated with beer. I’m not a beer drinker. Even before I went gluten free, I thought beer tasted a little bit like sour gym socks. So, I have no edgy gluten free beer reviews or super creative gluten free beer recipes. But just because I don’t have them, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! I’ve put together some gluten free beer reviews, recipes and resources to help you celebrate your favorite Irish Saint.

You’re welcome.

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No, you taste it first…


Forewarned is forearmed.

Reviews from the Gluten Free Beer Association

Review of Harvester Beer from Gluten Dude

Review of Redbridge from Paleo Spirit

More reviews from My Gluten Free Girlfriend

It's beer, it's cake... Gluten free bloggers are the best Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s beer, it’s cake…
Gluten free bloggers are the best


Why drink beer when you can cook with it?

Gluten Free Beer Bread – Jules Gluten Free

Gluten Free Beer Battered Fish – Kukuchku

Cheddar Beer Soup – Peace love and low carb

Beer Braised Cabbage- Gluten Free Girl

Gluten Free Beer Cake – Poor and Gluten Free

Gluten Free Creamy Celery Broccoli Beer Soup – Gluten Free Foodies

Let the the social media wars begin!! Follow Me on Pinterest

Let the the social media wars begin!!


What about Omission Beer? Is it safe for Celiacs?

Wow, the Celiac Sprue Association’s endorsement of Omission Beer, a beer made with Barley but with the gluten removed, stirred up a whole lot of controversy. Is gluten removed beer really gluten free? Almost every blogger had a take on this one.

Information from Celiac Disease

More info from Gluten Dude

And even more from Molly at Based on a Sprue Story

And a great post with highlighting the controversy and really showing how the gluten free community responded and how the CSA responed back, with links to many other resources from Erin at Gluten Free Fun

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MUCH more my speed


Some gluten free beer extras to make your life a little more fun.

Want to make your own gluten free Beer? Try the recipes on Gluten Free Home Brewing

The Gluten Free Beer Association has tons of reviews, news and links to brews (see what I did there?)

You can buy a Gluten Free Beer Brats made with Lakefront New Grist Gluten Free Beer from Gilberts Craft Sausages

And I’m going to end this with what you really need to know.
Jelly Belly makes a gluten free beer flavored jellybean.



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Gluten Free Pizza Bites from Follow Me on Pinterest

We all know where this is heading. Go ahead. Make some Pizza Bites.


Gluten Recovery Purple Super Juice from Follow Me on Pinterest

And this is for tomorrow morning…

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    • jodi stewart says:

      Thanks Joanna! Awards are awesome! I’m flattered! I think for sure the bread would help leaven. I think there’s yeast in beer. I think I’ve even heard of someone making a sour dough type starter using beer.

  1. Sue Aimes says:

    On Super Bowl Sunday, my grandson, Wes, served my husband and I, a Gluten free beer named New Planet. A Belgian ale brewed in Colorado. We had missed beer and were so pleased to find it tastes as good as any beer we have ever had. Being on a gluten free diet is getting easier because of people like you sharing your discoveries and your readers tips, Thank you so much.

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