Recommended Products – Deals and Coupons

Hey friends!! Here’s a list of brands I recommend, with coupon codes for deals for you!

This post contains affiliate links for brands I hope you enjoy. This means that If you purchase a product I recommend through a link on my site, I earn a commission.


Freshly is the reason I became an affiliate marketer. This brand fits so perfectly into my mission of making it easier to go gluten free! They ship pre-cooked gluten free meals to you door! Yes!! And I get to offer my readers coupon codes to save them money!

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Get $60 Off Your First Four Weeks ($15 off each)!

$40 off your first two orders

Ninja Kitchen

I own a lot of Ninja Kitchen appliances, and the one thing they all have in common is I haven’t broken them. When I need to buy something new now, especially if there’s a higher dollar amount attached to it, I buy Ninja brands. I’m pretty notorious for busting appliances from over use, and my Ninja stuff has lasted for years. So I became an affiliate so I could offer coupons for Ninja products on my site, so that other avid cooks could also experience the joy of not breaking their appliances.

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$30 Off Ninja Coffee Makers. Exclusions Apply.

$20 OFF Orders $100+. Exclusions Apply,

$30 OFF Orders $150+. Exclusions Apply,

$45 OFF Orders $250+. Exclusions Apply,


Ok 2020 has taught me to enjoy never having to leave the house unless I really really want to. And I don’t always want to go grocery shopping. Thankfully friendly Instacart people are more than willing to do my shopping for me. (A few of my friends are Instacart shoppers and they do, actually, really, enjoy grocery shopping for other people. It’s a gift.)

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Purple Carrot

Another brand I just love. Purple Carrot is a vegan meal delivery service. They bring the ingredients and the recipes to you and you prepare them at home. Purple Carrot is not exclusively gluten free, but they do offer gluten free meals every week on their menu. This makes them such a great brand for vegans who are going gluten free.

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Purple Carrot – $30 Off! Use code: carrot30

Try this easy gluten free vegan recipe: Mushroom Fajita Bowl