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Gluten Free Baking Mix with Thai Rice Flour

I’ve finally come up with an inexpensive all purpose gluten free baking mix that I really like! 

I don’t really do New Years resolutions. I do something weirder. Every year on my birthday I pick a word that I want to use to define the year. A subjective word like “success” or “patience”. It’s usually a word that I would be embarrassed to share with someone else (so I’m not going to share this year’s word with you). But it alters the way I see myself, changes the way I make decisions, and usually changes my own definition of the word itself.

So, I don’t make New Years resolutions. But I do make plans! And one of my plans is to buy a cottage in a couple of years. You see, our family has been very mobile for the past 16 years (we’ve moved somewhere around 28 times, lived in 4 countries on 3 continents.) and we’ve never had a place we can really call our own. A cottage would be perfect for us. We could have a “stable” place to call “home” without giving up our adventurous life. In order to buy a cottage, we’re going to have to cut WAY back on our spending, so I’m looking for ways to cut costs. One of those ways is to make my own baking mix with the cheap rice flour from the Asian Grocery instead of spending the extra money on the pre-made mix like gluten free Bisquick.


thai rice flour
Thai Rice Flour is very fine and soft, a lot like wheat flour. I haven’t tried this mix with other flours.

The rice flour from the Asian Grocery costs less than a dollar a pound. Many of the pre-made mixes cost upwards of four dollars a pound. I think I’ve come up with a pretty great substitute for pre-made gluten free baking mix. I’ve messed around with it a bit, and I’ve actually made some pretty decent baked goods. Most have been good enough that no one can tell they’re gluten free. The donut holes I made with this mix were gone in seconds when I got the neighborhood kids to taste test them. Here’s the recipe for the mix below and I’ll be sharing a few recipes this week to make with it. (Including the donut holes and some amazing pancakes)

Gluten Free Baking Mix Recipe from

Gluten Free Baking Mix


2 cups Thai Rice Flour
1/2 c Potato Starch
1 1/2T baking powder
1 tsp xanthan gum
1T sugar
1/4 t salt


Combine all ingredients.
Store in airtight container.


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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes made with Thai Rice Flour Baking Mix
You can make these awesome pancakes with my gluten free baking mix!!
Gluten Free Donut Holes from
You can make donut holes with this gluten free baking mix!

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