top ten worst things about being gluten free
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Top 10 Worst Things About Being Gluten Free

top ten worst things about being gluten free

This was probably the easiest post to write and the hardest post to publish. I’m a positive person and I hate to complain, especially about being gluten free. In fact, you’ll find that the Gluten Free blogging community is over-run with very positive people. It could be because we all feel so much better now. It could be because we don’t want to discourage our readers. We all really want people to be successful at being gluten free,  it’s possible and can even be easy. But a week ago I joined Reddit. People on Reddit are remarkably honest about their gluten free experience. And some, even though they feel better, are very unhappy about being gluten free.

As I was reading through a few of these unhappy posts, I realized, they really do speak for everyone. Being gluten free, (or dairy free, or peanut allergic, or any special dietary need) can be a pain. Dinner at a friend’s house is difficult, vacations involve stressful internet searches for gluten free menus. Lets be honest. Your health is way better, and you’ll never go back to that sick, pain-filled reality, but life has certainly changed and sometimes you just need to know that someone else is going through this too.

So I thought I’d share my own top ten worst things about being gluten free.  I’ve combined some and left out some (top 13 posts are just messy, right?) and they’re all in sort of a random order, until you get to number one. Number one is my top worst thing about being gluten free. No doubt.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to Reddit’s gluten free subreddit. Lots of stuff on there from people who are gluten free and people who have to deal with gluten free customers and family members. (There’s some pretty frank language, so if you have young kids who are able to read you might want to wait until they’re out of the room before you click over. If you’re easily angered or offended or already having a bad day, just stay here.)

hot now krispy kreme
Goodbye dear HOT NOW sign and all you represent.
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Top 10 Worst Things About Being Gluten Free

10- not being able to grab a quick snack when you’re out

9- mandatory (family/work) dinners at non-gluten friendly restaurants

8- having to read every label in the grocery store and then having to throw out something because you didn’t read the label carefully enough

7- making everything from scratch

6- driving past the Hot Now sign at Krispy Kreme

5- getting accidentally glutened

4- people being surprised at how sick you are when you get accidentally glutened

3- having to do hours of research every time you want to eat at a new restaurant

2- pretending you’re not really hungry anyway

1- being “that girl” (that whiny, fussy, absurdly needy girl) at the dinner party


Please feel free to share your own challenges in the comments. We’re all in this together! Is your number one the same as mine? Did I miss one? Any tips for others struggling?

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