Chuck E Cheese's Gluten Free Pizza Review on

Chuck E Cheese’s Gluten Free Pizza Review

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that Chuck E Cheese’s has a gluten free pizza. I contacted them about it, and I was so impressed with their response that I actually wrote a pre-dining review before I even attempted to try one.
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Mommy and the Birthday Girl!!

We went to Chuck E Cheese’s for my youngest daughter’s birthday party and ordered the gluten free pizza!
You might be curious about how the actual pizza ordering and eating went, so here is my Chuck E Cheese post dining review. I’m going to explain step by step what I did, and how this experience differed from ordering gluten free food in other gluten-filled restaurants, just to give you an idea of just how remarkable Chuck E Cheese really is when it comes to gluten free safety. To really appreciate this, read my pre-dining review first to see how Chuck E Cheese’s prepares and handles gluten free pizzas.

We arrived:

What I did: I ordered a group meal, extra drinks, a huge amount of tokens and a gluten free pizza.

What I DID NOT have to do:
1. Call ahead to warn them that gluten free people would be arriving.
2. Ask to see the gluten free menu
3. Ask about how the pizza is prepared and whether there was any risk of cross contamination.
4. Remind the girl taking my order that the gluten free pizza can’t touch any of the gluten containing food.
5. Speak to a manager to ensure the gluten free pizza was safely prepared and handled.
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Notice the gluten free pizza touching the gluten pizza. Notice also, the bag PROTECTING the gluten free pizza. Nifty. The pizza arrives at Chuck E Cheese’s in that bag and doesn’t come out until YOU open it.


What I did: Watched the server put the pizzas on the table.
What I DID NOT have to do:
1. Make sure the gluten free pizza didn’t touch the other pizzas.
2. Examine the gluten free pizza for signs of gluten crumbs (okay, difficult in the case of pizza, but I’ve had to do it in restaurants that serve bread on the side of their entrees)
3. Send the pizza back because of obvious gluten contamination.


I wasn’t the eater (except for my taste testing bite), but this is what the gluten free teen did:
1. Unwrapped pizza and cutter from the sealed bag.
2. Cut pizza
3. Ate pizza
What she DID NOT do:
1. Get sick from cross contamination
2. Look weird eating something different from everyone else.
How did it taste? Not bad! It reminded me of the frozen pizzas I used to get as a kid when I went skiing. We’re not really at Chuck E Cheese’s because of their pizza anyway. We go because it’s fun! And now gluten free kids can go and not look out of place next to their pizza eating friends.

Some final thoughts:

If your young child is invited to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, stick around to help with the pizza. It might be a bit tricky for a younger kid to manage the bag and cutter and a busy birthday mom might not be as careful about cross contamination as you need.
Chuck E Cheese’s also offers gluten free cupcakes!

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4 thoughts on “Chuck E Cheese’s Gluten Free Pizza Review

  1. momgfnoms says:

    I thought the gluten free cupcakes were pretty good too. Ours came in a lil’ box all their own. They were very rich but it was nice that the kids got cake with everyone else.

    • jodi stewart says:

      We didn’t have the cupcakes because the birthday cake we brought in was gluten free, but I’d love to try them! They look amazing! Were your kids able to get the pizza out of the bag on their own? I wonder what the age would be for that. My 10 year old would be able to, but I’m not sure about younger kids.

      • momgfnoms says:

        My kids didn’t have much luck cutting it or opening it on their own. I’m glad I was there supervising or I imagine it would have been quite messy hehe. 🙂

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