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Gourmet Gluten Free Brownies from Charlie’s Brownies – Kickstarter Campaign

Here’s something I just found out about, and I’m pretty excited! Charlie’s Brownies, gourmet gluten free brownies! I’m a sucker for brownies. So much so, that I rarely blog about them. If I make ’em, I eat ’em. And then remember my camera about midway through licking my fingers. Ooops. I actually have an Ultimate Brownie Bake-Off using gluten free brownie mix planned with my daughter, only we keep accidentally eating the brownies before we can get super creative.
I think I’ve found the perfect solution. We can have an Ultimate Brownie Taste-Off with the 8 amazing brownie flavors from Charlie’s Brownies – The Ultimate Brownie Experience! (See that, Ultimate. Just like our Bake-Off. I love it when a plan comes together).
charlies brownies
Charlie’s Brownies – The Ultimate Brownie Experience
S’mores Deluxe – Gluten free brownies with marshmallows, gluten free graham crackers, and chocolate sundae syrup. Hold me back
Charlie is having a Kickstarter Campaign right now with some tasty perks. What’s Kickstarter? It’s a site that helps entrepreneurs raise money by letting normal people fund the businesses they believe in, like bringing safe and amazing brownies to the gluten free world. How does the campaign work? You go to Kickstarter and make your pledge, when this campaign raises $10,000, your credit card is charged and Charlie gets the money towards his business. If he doesn’t raise all the money, your credit card is never charged. All the money is handled by Amazon so you know it’s secure. Just to recap: If Charlie reaches $10,000 in pledges, your pledge gets charged to your credit card. If he only gets $9,999, your money stays where it is. When the campaign is successful, you’ll get an email requesting your mailing address to send you your reward. 
UPDATE: The Campaign has been successful! Now when you pledge, your money will for sure go towards Charlie’s Brownies and you will have a hand in bringing them to the gluten free world! YAY YOU!!
three layer brownie cake
This is a three layer gluten free brownie cake. This actually exists. In real life.
Now lets talk Rewards!! Pledge $20 and you get a thank you note and half a dozen brownie bites to try. A pledge of $250 gets your next event catered. Brownies, cupcakes and a dessert bar for 75 people! A pledge of $350 gets you the most amazing looking 3 layer brownie cake (let’s just say that again Three. Layer. Brownie. Cake.) I’ve ever seen. It feeds FIFTY!!
Sorry for all the exclamation points. It’s just, gluten free brownies, you know.
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to head over to Kickstarter, submit your pledge, and bring Charlie’s Brownies to the world! Then we can all have an Ultimate Brownie Taste-Off in the comments!! YAY!

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