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Mellow Mushroom Gluten Free Pizza Review

Caution: Excessive use of the word “amazing”

When I was a kid, I lived in a small town with two pizza restaurants. Right across the street from each other. Both were owned by Greeks. One also served fried chicken. They were called Nick’s and JJ’s. The pizza they served was amazing. It had a soft chewy crust, real mozzerella (and lots of it!) and piles of toppings. Then I grew up and moved to a city with franchise fast food pizza chains, and I haven’t seen a pizza like that since. Until I went to Mellow Mushroom.

The amazing thing about Mellow Mushroom, is that the gluten free menu is PART of the regular menu. And the gluten free menu clearly details how they’re going to deal with your gluten free pizza (wash hands, change gloves, a separate gluten safe area, gluten free toppings, a screen between your crust and the oven). Even though the menu was very clear, the chef came out to talk to me about the pizza. I think he mostly wanted to make sure I wouldn’t die right there. I assured him that gluten would mean only days of agony, not actual immediate death. We were cool. He made my pizza. review of mellow mushroom gluten free pizza Follow Me on Pinterest
When the pizza came, I was conflicted. The top looked amazing. Tons of toppings and a generous amount of real cheese. The crust, however, looked thin and brown and “healthy”.  Nothing to worry about, the taste was perfect. The crust wasn’t dry or “healthy” tasting. It was chewy and bready. The rest of the pizza is exactly what I’ve been looking for since I left my little home town. Stacks of toppings. A whole mouthful of pizza.
And, best part, I didn’t get sick. I actually felt better after eating, something that never happens after pizza.
The Mellow Mushroom we visited was in Ocean Springs, MS, and I’m seriously thinking of putting it on my personal “restaurants to visit when out of town” list. Have you been to a Mellow Mushroom? What was your experience like?
Mellow Mushroom Gluten Free Pizza Review from Follow Me on Pinterest
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