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Gluten Free, Vegan Pico de Gallo

About a mile down our road is a garage that once a year turns into the most amazing vegetable stand I’ve ever seen. Mr. Homer is famous for his tomatoes. He also sells squash and cucumbers and a few other things, but people go there for the tomatoes. In his garage are long tables with hundreds of tomatoes. He sells the beautiful ones for $2/lb, and the “canning” tomatoes for $1/lb. The canning tomatoes are also beautiful, just maybe less so, and they are perfect for cutting up into homemade pico de gallo. Pico de gallo, or fresh salsa, is the perfect summer side/garnish. We eat it with chips, or on toast, or in tacos, or as a side salad. It’s also a great way to use up plentiful and beautiful fresh summer tomatoes. When tomatoes sit in the fridge, they lose their flavor, so when I make pico de gallo, I only make what we’re going to eat right now. As a result, this recipe is for only a small amount. If you have a big crew coming for snacks, you can easily double or triple it. The recipe is also very forgiving. If you like more onions, add them, if you’re crazy about cilantro, add as much as you like.

The Ingredients


Fresh garden tomatoes are best in this recipe. If gardening is beyond you (as it is me) get them in season at farmers markets or roadside stands, or grow your own in containers on the patio. (Patio tomatoes are way, way, way easier than gardening).


I really like Vidalia onions in this. They’re sweet and crisp, and bright. If you can’t find them, you can use yellow onions or green onions. I’ve used both yellow and green onions and find they’re just fine. You might even prefer them to sweet onions.


Fresh cilantro!! I love, love cilantro. I actually add extra to my own serving because of how much I love it. Chop it with a very sharp knife or snip it with scissors so that you don’t smush it.


Salt draws the juices out of the tomatoes and onions and improves the flavor. If you have a medically low salt diet, leave it out, otherwise, give it a teeny shake. This is not a “salty” dish like cooked salsa, so don’t overwhelm it.

Lime Juice (optional)

Adding this for the purists. Honestly, this time of year, the tomatoes are so flavorful and tangy, I don’t add any lime juice. If you’re using store bought tomatoes that might need a little flavor boost, feel free to add it, but for fresh off the vine garden tomatoes, it’s ok to leave it out.   

Pico de Gallo – naturally gluten free and vegan


1 large tomato cut into ½  inch chunks ¼ cup diced onion 2 Tablespoons chopped cilantro 2 tsp lime juice (optional) Pinch of salt


Spoon tomato chunks, diced onion, and chopped cilantro into a bowl and gently mix. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and gently mix again. Cover and let rest for 10 minutes for flavors to mingle. Serve with gluten free tortilla chips or as a side with Mexican food.
gluten free vegan pico de gallo

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