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    Easy Chickpea Nachos for One – Gluten Free and Vegan

    When my twins were little, I pretty much lived on nachos. They were fast, easy, and they felt more like “real food” than the random pieces of toast or handfuls of other things I could quickly grab while chasing babies. Twenty two years later, I still love nachos. I have more time now, so I make better food choices (mostly), but when I treat myself, I want it to feel like a treat. These nachos are naturally gluten free, and switching out the cheese for a non dairy cheese shred like Daiya cheese makes them vegan. I also add chickpeas because, in addition to a protein boost, they honestly add…

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    Gluten Free, Vegan Pico de Gallo

    About a mile down our road is a garage that once a year turns into the most amazing vegetable stand I’ve ever seen. Mr. Homer is famous for his tomatoes. He also sells squash and cucumbers and a few other things, but people go there for the tomatoes. In his garage are long tables with hundreds of tomatoes. He sells the beautiful ones for $2/lb, and the “canning” tomatoes for $1/lb. The canning tomatoes are also beautiful, just maybe less so, and they are perfect for cutting up into homemade pico de gallo. Pico de gallo, or fresh salsa, is the perfect summer side/garnish. We eat it with chips, or…

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    Pepperoni and Cream Cheese Low Carb Pizza Rolls – Gluten Free

    These gluten free pepperoni and cream cheese pizza rolls are the perfect low-carb treat for a crowd. Take them along to parties, or serve them to your crew when watching the big game.  These low carb pizza rolls have been such a life saver when I’m invited to a potluck! They’re super fast and easy to make, they don’t cost a fortune, and they make a LOT. They also solve the problem of what to bring when your whole friend group has gone Keto of Low Carb. Each roll contains only 17 calories and 0 carbs. The ingredients are naturally gluten free, so no need to worry there! Looking for…

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    Gluten Free Paper Bag Popcorn

    Almost everyone in my house is over 5’5″. Almost. Five of the six of us are. My four year old daughter is not. She’s not even over four feet tall. She’s also very observant of the fact that she’s the very smallest of our family. In fact, she’s started telling strangers “I’m the only child in my family,” which confuses strangers who then try to figure out who all the teens are and what our relationship to them might be. It’s hard being so small in such a big family. Big people can do a little more, play a little harder, push themselves a little longer. A tiny person has…

  • Gluten Free Black Olive and Feta Appetizer Puffs from knowgluten.me

    Gluten Free Black Olive and Feta Appetizer Puffs

    I love it when I find gluten free recipes that are quick, easy and inexpensive and still make me look like an absolute kitchen genius. In fact, I almost don’t want to share this appetizer recipe, because these little puffs are so fancy and incredible that I really don’t want anyone to know how little effort goes into making them.