Easy Gluten Free Company Cake!! I always make this when I have last minute company or need to serve breakfast to a crowd. knowgluten.me

Easy Gluten Free Cake for Company

This is a super easy gluten free cake to make if you’re having people in last minute or need to feed breakfast to a crowd. Continue reading

Gluten Free S'macaroons from knowgluten.me

Gluten Free S’macaroons

Chewy coconut, crispy Glutino cracker, creamy marshmallow and chocolate. This super easy cookie is a gorgeous combination of ¬†macaroon and s’more. Continue reading

Five things to do with Make and Mold Candy Wafers

Make and Mold Candy Wafers are Gluten Free! They’re so fun, and they really turn any situation into a celebration. Here are some of my favorite ways to use Make and Mold!

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