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Five things to do with Make and Mold Candy Wafers

Make and Mold Candy Wafers are Gluten Free! They’re so fun, and they really turn any situation into a celebration. Here are some of my favorite ways to use Make and Mold!

Here’s a fun post. I recently needed to buy melting chocolate, the kind you use to make your own fun chocolate shapes. (actually needed, for the girls’ birthday party, seriously. Well, the first time I bought them I actually needed them.) And I found Make and Mold brand clearly states Gluten Free on the label. The other popular brand is also made with gluten free ingredients, but Make and Mold took the time and the ink to reassure the consumer and so, this post.

5 Things to do with Gluten Free Make and Mold Candy Wafers

1. Eat them right out of the bag:

Okay, this might not sound that sophisticated, but hey, the bag’s open. Oh, wait, now the bag’s open.




2. Make chocolate covered fruit:

Melt a few wafers in the microwave and dip in your favorite fruit. Let sit on parchment paper until the chocolate hardens. No need to refrigerate, (unless you live in the tropics with no air conditioner) they harden at room temperature.




3. Chocolate fondue:

This requires much less self control than chocolate covered fruit. Dip your fruit (or marshmallows, or gluten-free cookies, or spoon, or fingers, see what I mean about self control?) in the melted chocolate, eat immediately.




4. Chocolate covered bananas:

(See chocolate fondue) but seriously guys, these are so good they need their own category.


5. Drizzle over baking:

Melted chocolate that hardens into a soft chocolate-bar topping is probably the best thing to eat on a cupcake.




A note: Not all gluten free labeling is equal. Tomorrow, I’ll share what to look for when shopping for gluten free packaged food.








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