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Gluten Free Road Trip

I love traveling, new places, new people. But I’m not so crazy about the new food and the same old gluten reactions. Finding things to eat,especially on the road, can be challenging, especially for “live to eat” type of person. Road trips for me can be an “eat to live” ordeal but I’ve found a few things to eat that makes them a bit more bearable.

Here’s my list. I’d love to hear if you have any other suggestions 🙂

Gluten Free Rice Cakes and Peanut Butter
These are best if you remember to pack a knife. I think this is my favorite road trip meal, especially if we’re stopping at roadside picnic areas and everyone else is having a pb and j sandwich. Use your own clearly marked jar (I write MOM on the lid in blue nail polish) to avoid cross-contamination.

A Can of Tuna and Salad Greens
Okay, some good things about this one, it will help you stick to your diet, you can buy it at any exit Walmart, and, um, that’s it. This was my lunch on my most recent road trip. Dry crumbly tuna on limp greens. Yeah, try to do better.

Great snack, and a small pack will provide you with the calories to last you all day. This one is great for people who need the food energy but don’t need to eat alot.

Fresh Fruit
Most truck stops have apples and bananas. If you’re traveling in the summer, or in a tropical country, you may have a wider roadside selection. I think fruit, when I can get it in the summer or in a tropical country, is my favorite road trip meal. Makes me really feel like I’m on a holiday.

Gluten Free Chocolate
Yup. Avoid Barley or Malt or cookie pieces. Rice crisps are usually a problem as well. Cadbury has a great service on their website where you can search whether a treat is suitable for Celiacs. My favorite, Cadbury Cream Eggs, is good to go.

Ice Cream
Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Everyone around you is scarfing down a McDonald’s meal with supersized fries and the ONE THING on the menu you can eat is a plain salad. No chicken. Darn you McDonald’s. The ice cream at McDonald’s actually contains glucose which can be made from wheat or corn, but is said to contain no gluten. Some people who are sensitive to wheat, not just the gluten, can have some trouble with it. Because you want to be a safe as possible, opt for a glucose free ice cream like Haagen Dazs Cherry Vanilla. Dairy Free too? They make a lovely selection of Sorbets. When someone questions your choice of meal, you can explain you’re on a restrictive diet for medical reasons.

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It’s for medical reasons

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  • AJ

    Diary Queen offers gluten-free Blizzards ( They do cross contaminate though
    WoW Butter is really yummy for anyone who can’t have peanuts, it tastes like really roasted peanut butter.
    For anyone who likes to bring a salad with them while they travel, put the salad dressing on the bottom of the container, then add all your salad stuff on top. When you go to eat it, just shake or stir your salad, and there’s no soggy pieces of lettuce!

  • Robin

    Oh, I can help you improve that soggy tuna/lettuce. Mash one avocado and mix with one can tuna. You don’t have to add all the water. (could do it in a ziplock with your hands or on a plate with a fork). Tada! Easy tuna salad- we’re on vacation now and we ate it with crackers, over rice, or wrapped with lettuce.

  • foodrefashionista

    Great post! I’ve just been travelling and had to make do. Some more suggestions: Dates, figs, and raisins are also filling and can be mixed in with the nuts. Rice crackers are good for nibbles. Cheese, too (I have to have goat or sheep because I’m lactose-intolerant.) Not all of these may hold up well on a long car trip, but most hotels/motel rooms now have fridges. I carried my own wheat-free, oat-free cold cereal (a healthier version of corn flakes: I think the brand is Harvest Crunch, but I’m not sure). It’s good to snack on without milk or sugar. I’ve also made my orange-marmalade tofu squares in advance so I have some healthy, leaner protein than nuts and cheese. They travel well in a plastic sandwich bag. If you’re interested, they’re at

    • KnowGluten_Jodi

      Excellent suggestions! Cheese is okay if you can throw it in an insulated bag with a freezer pack or something. Thanks for the link to the squares, I’ll check them out! 🙂

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