The Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project – A little off topic

Hey friends! This is a little off topic from my regular gluten free recipes and advice, but because I have the nicest and most compassionate readers on the internet, I knew this would interest you. Continue reading

Get Involved in freedible’s Thanksgiving Campaign!

Hey Friends!
The Freedible Thanksgiving Campaign is underway!
Want to participate? Here’s how!! Continue reading

Know Gluten’s List of Must Watch Gluten Summit Videos for Gluten Free Beginners

Hey friends!! The very first Gluten Summit starts on November 11-18. It’s an online series of interviews with gluten experts from around the world. I thought some of you might be interested in registering for it. Continue reading
Seven Steps to Regaining my Health - Jodi From Know Gluten Shares her Journey on NOLA Paleo

Seven Steps to Regaining My Health – Guest Post on NOLA Paleo

Hey Friends! I’m guest posting today on NOLA Paleo sharing my own healing journey. It’s not really a “gluten free beginner” topic, but I think some of you might be interested in knowing a little bit more about me, my own health struggles and the things I’m doing to regain my health after I suffered a serious health crisis and received autoimmune disease diagnosis. The post doesn’t contain medical advice, just the things that helped me. You can find the post here on NOLA Paleo. Continue reading

Gluten Free is now 20ppm, What the new FDA ruling means for you - from

Twenty Parts Per Million – What the FDA Gluten Free Ruling Means for You

The new FDA ruling is out. A product can be labeled gluten free if it contains fewer than twenty parts per million gluten.
What does this mean for someone with Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity?
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