Gluten Free Lower Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

These lower sugar, lower carb peanut butter cookies are just the right thing to “cheat” with on your New Year’s Resolution. Continue reading

Gluten Free, Grain Free, Paleo Crustless Quiche

This is a quick and easy gluten free and grain free version of the classic Bisquick Impossibly Easy Pie made with coconut flour. Great to take for lunch!! Continue reading

Gluten free roast chicken with apple and sweet onion stuffing from

Gluten Free Roast Chicken with Apple and Sweet Onion Stuffing

The best part about a roast chicken?
In my gluten eating days it was the stuffing.
I especially liked the way it flavored the chicken with it’s salty, savory goodness.
A roast chicken without stuffing seems a little bland, doesn’t it?

Today I’m going to show you a way that you can add a beautiful stuffing flavor to your chicken that’s so fast and easy that roast chicken will move off your special occasion menu and on to Thursday’s dinner plate.  Continue reading

Fast Easy Baked Eggs with Brie

When I was surviving my first set of three year olds (my now 16 year old twins) I lived on nachos. Layer chips, salsa and cheese on a plate, microwave and eat as quickly as possible between emergencies. Now, 13 years later and on 3 year old number 4, my between emergency tastes have grown a bit more sophisticated. I still often need something really quick and easy to put together and something that I can potentially microwave, but I’d rather have something that doesn’t give me that carb and sodium bloat (that my 26 year old self was somehow able to avoid) and I’d rather eat Brie. I’m sortof tired of cheese-from-a-bag. Continue reading