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Gluten Free Resource: The Gluten Freedom Project

Update: Greg from the Gluten Freedom Project contacted me to let me know that the entire program is now COMPLETELY FREE! If you need help planning meals, especially if you’re dealing with more that one food restriction, please check them out. My review is below:

Today I’m letting you know about a resource that I’ve recently learned about and am finding very helpful.

A couple weeks ago Sloane contacted me about the Gluten Freedom Project. She asked if I had time to check out the free trial and if I were interested in writing a review she would upgrade me to a full membership. I did check out the free trial and I was very impressed with what I saw. I thought you might be interested too, so I asked her to go ahead and upgrade me so I could look at the rest of the site. If you’re new to gluten free or if you’re feeding a family with multiple food restrictions (like I am) I think you’ll find it really helpful.

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So, What is the Gluten Freedom Project?

Two Sites in One, Meal Planning and Education:

The Gluten Freedom Project is a new online resource for people who are gluten free. Actually it’s two resources in one. One half of it is a menu planning site. You can have the program create a menu for you (and then edit it if you want to ) or you can create your own menu from the huge selection of meals and snacks. You can select other allergens to avoid and even select your protein sources so it’s really helpful for people or families with multiple food restrictions. Every menu item is gluten free.

The other half of it is educational. Here you can find an 8 week video course on going gluten free, FAQ (like, What is gluten?), a library of gluten free articles and latest celiac research and resources like contact information for celiac support groups and online gluten free restaurant guides.

Meal Planner:

Having your meals planned for you is fantastic. I’m busy enough, and when I first went gluten free, planning meals and trying to figure out what I could still eat on top of my already crazy schedule of caring for my pre-schoolers and babies usually had me turning to a very small and unhealthy variety of food (usually nachos.) Even now, I find it challenging to make sure everyone eats healthy meals all day. We homeschool, so that means that 5 of us eat every meal at home. The Gluten Freedom Project helps you discover a wider variety of safe meals. You can also get feedback on your menu to make sure it’s as healthy as possible.

How is this Different From Other Meal Planning Sites?

  1. It’s specifically Gluten Free. Gluten-Free is not just one of the options. All of the menu items are designed by health education experts with you in mind.
  2. You can select other allergens to leave out and customize your protein source. Grain free and nut free too? No problem, just check the buttons. Your teen’s a vegetarian? There’s an option for that too. Perfect for people with multiple food restrictions.
  3. All of your meals and snacks are included. No extra charge for meals that aren’t extra.
  4. The menu plan is only half of the program. You also get an 8 week course in going gluten free with helpful videos and articles. There’s also a massive library of articles and videos to help you in every gluten free situation and give you encouragement along the way.
Click here to visit the Gluten Freedom Project
Click here to visit the Gluten Freedom Project


The Lessons:

When you sign up for the Gluten Freedom Project you’ll begin an 8 week course. The lessons cover different aspects of dealing with a gluten free lifestyle, like grieving the loss of gluten (hey, it can cut deep to give up real pizza. No joke.) and travelling gluten free. Don’t worry, they’re spread out, so you don’t get overwhelmed. What I really like about these is they don’t just cover the “how-to’s” they deal with the person making the change. So while you’ll get some practical information, like how make your kitchen safe, you’ll also have someone to hold your hand through this who really understands how emotionally difficult it can be to give up gluten.


The FAQ section covers everything that you need to know right now. It’s organized into FAQ about the site and program, gluten and celiac disease. If you are brand new to gluten-free, check out this section first.

The Library:

Need specific information? Search the library or click on the topics in the side bar. Clicking on “Travel” will give you several helpful articles on eating in restaurants, airline travel, packing snacks and my favorite, Leaving the Country.

How does The Gluten Freedom Project work for a real family?

I’ve been using The Gluten Freedom Project to plan the meals for our multiple food restrictions family, and in the next couple of weeks I’ll share how it works for us.

Disclaimer: I received a free subscription to The Gluten Freedom Project in order to review it. The views expressed in this article are entirely my own. I have not received any other compensation for this review or the ad in the sidebar. I believe that The Gluten Freedom Project is an excellent program and I want to ensure my readers know about it.

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