Gluten Free Condiments

a gluten free, vegan breakfast sandwich on a china plate with a side dish of ketchup

Gluten Free Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

A savory patty paired with a vegan omelette, all wrapped up in a soft corn tortilla, and topped with melted ...
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closeup of a gluten free vegan omelette on a plate

Gluten Free Vegan Omelette – Egg Free

Surprise! This gluten free, vegan omelette is made with chickpea flour! It's a fantastic egg-free substitute to hold all your ...
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gluten free, vegan vegetable rice soup in a bowl on a wood table

Gluten Free, Vegan Vegetable Rice Soup

This gluten free, vegan vegetable rice soup is the perfect meal whether you’re staying cozy during the coldest cold snap ...
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Gluten Free Potato Tacos – Vegan, Easy!

These gluten free, vegan potato tacos cook up in minutes but taste like you spent hours in the kitchen. You ...
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Creamy Lentils in a Pressure Cooker – Gluten Free, Vegan

Lentils are one of my very favorite gluten free, vegan entrees for a few reasons.They’re the perfect “last minute” dish ...
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Staying in this Valentine’s Day? Here are 14 Gluten Free Treats You Can Make Together.

It’s almost Valentine's Day! How are you going to celebrate? This past year, we’ve had to change so much about ...
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Gluten Free, Vegan Vanilla Cake – No Eggs, No Dairy

You might know this gluten free, vegan vanilla cake as Crazy Cake or Depression Cake. It’s a fantastic cake to ...
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gluten free, vegan corn muffins in a muffin tin

EASY! Gluten Free Corn Muffins – Vegan too!

Corn muffins are standard American fare, and when you go gluten free, you miss them!! Add other food issues like ...
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Polenta in a white bowl

Garlic and Herb Polenta – gluten free, vegan

Guys!! This polenta is so good!! Like steal-out-of-the-fridge good! Normal polenta is pretty decent all on its own. It’s soft ...
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closeup of a bowl of pinto beans

Stove Top Pressure Cooker Pinto Beans – Gluten Free and Vegan

Pinto beans are one of my very favorite vegan protein sources. Not only do they have an amazing flavor and ...
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Easy gluten free vegan mincemeat pie filling from in a small jar on a table with candied orange slices, raisins, and a spoon

Easy Gluten Free, Vegan Mincemeat Pie Filling

I love mincemeat pie. Like love love. It’s one of those great UK dessert dishes that makes use of a ...
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gluten free, vegan homemade chocolate chip cookies from cookies cooling on a baking rack

Gluten Free, Vegan Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

These chocolate chip cookies are gluten free and vegan and taste like regular homemade cookies!! I know! I can hardly ...
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curry carrot and lentil soup - gluten free and vegan from overhead shot of bowl closeup

Curry Carrot and Lentil Soup – Gluten Free & Vegan

This Curry Carrot and Lentil Soup recipe is probably the recipe I share the most with my friends. You know, ...
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gluten free and vegan crispy date balls in a dessert tin lined with parchment paper

Gluten Free & Vegan Crispy Date Balls – Dairy Free, Egg Free

Date balls are a Christmas tradition from the era when people did Christmas visiting. At the beginning of the season, ...
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gluten free and vegan tiffin on a plate

Gluten Free & Vegan Tiffin

What is Tiffin? It’s a mixture of crumbled cookies and dried fruit coated in chocolate and pressed into a pan ...
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Easy White Bean Chili – Gluten Free & Vegan

This is a fantastic and easy white bean chili soup. It’s gluten free and vegan, but will please even your ...
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Gluten Free, Vegan, Chocolate Cake – Dairy Free, Egg Free

Hey friends!! I think you will really like this one. It’s simple, fairly inexpensive, and totally impressive. A gluten free, ...
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pinterest image of gluten free vegan Indian Masala Sauce recipe

Easy Indian Masala Sauce – Gluten Free and Vegan

Okay, this is so not a traditional masala sauce. It’s a sauce for lazy cheaters who like an easy, tasty ...
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a tray of gluten free vegan banana muffins

Gluten Free Vegan Banana Muffins – Small Batch

These gluten free vegan banana muffins are a must-have in our house so I make them often. I’ve always made ...
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Easy Chickpea Nachos for One – Gluten Free and Vegan

When my twins were little, I pretty much lived on nachos. They were fast, easy, and they felt more like ...
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Hearty Potato and Carrot Stew – vegan, gluten free

This is a recipe for an easy gluten free, vegan stew. No joke, this post took hours to write (and ...
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Gluten Free, Vegan Pico de Gallo

About a mile down our road is a garage that once a year turns into the most amazing vegetable stand ...
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Gluten Free Vegan Quinoa Casserole

gluten free vegan quinoa casserole I first started making this gluten free vegan quinoa casserole because of a very common ...
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Gluten Free Banana Muffins With One Brown Banana

The Problem: Okay, here’s the scenario: You want to try your hand at gluten free banana muffins. You buy bananas ...
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Gluten Free Lower Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

These lower sugar, lower carb peanut butter cookies are just the right thing to “cheat” with on your New Year’s ...
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low carb pepperoni pizza rolls

Pepperoni and Cream Cheese Pizza Rolls – Gluten Free Keto

These gluten free pepperoni and cream cheese pizza rolls are the perfect low-carb treat for a crowd. Take them along ...
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Spaghetti squash and chicken topped with gluten free Alfredo sauce.

Easy Gluten Free Alfredo Sauce – Low Carb!

This Gluten Free Alfredo Sauce is impressive enough for company, but quick and easy enough to make for an everyday ...
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Gluten Free, Grain Free, Paleo Crustless Quiche

This is a quick and easy gluten free and grain free version of the classic Bisquick Impossibly Easy Pie made ...
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gluten free peanut butter shortbread cookies from - gluten free, dairy free, grain free

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Shortbread Cookies

These gluten free cookies taste like peanut butter, but melt in your mouth like shortbread. We’ve had a lot of ...
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Easy Gluten Free Black Beans

Making your own homemade black beans is easier than you think!! ...
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EASY Gluten free, rice free, dairy free, vegan artisan rolls

Easy Gluten Free Artisan Rolls – Rice and Corn Free, Vegan Option

You can not tell that these artisan rolls are gluten free. They’re fresh and spongy and chewy just like fresh ...
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Gluten Free Cookies and Cream Hello Dollies from ONLY FOUR INGREDIENTS!! Super simple gluten free dessert.

Gluten Free Cookies and Cream Hello Dolly Bars

These Gluten Free Cookies and Cream Hello Dollies are a fun and easy twist on an already tasty and easy ...
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easy gluten free carrot cake using Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Gluten Free Flour from

Easy Gluten Free Carrot Cake

My daughter came home from college and made the most amazing gluten free carrot cake yesterday. She always loves to ...
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Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bites from

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bites

A lovely, little peanut butter cheesecake that you can eat with your fingers ...
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Gluten Free Thai Glass Noodle Salad

Glass noodle salad was one of my favorite gluten free dishes to order when I lived in Thailand ...
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Easy Gluten Free Company Cake!! I always make this when I have last minute company or need to serve breakfast to a crowd.

Easy Gluten Free Cake for Company

This is a super easy gluten free cake to make if you're having people in last minute or need to ...
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Gluten free peanut butter truffles from no bake, super easy

No Bake Peanut Butter Coconut Truffles – Gluten Free

These gluten free, peanut butter, coconut truffles are the ultimate craving buster with only 3 ingredients! With crunchy peanut butter, ...
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Pork Picnic Salad from

Gluten Free Picnic Pork Salad

A great gluten free full meal salad to take on picnics this summer!! ...
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20 Gluten Free Strawberry Desserts

Yay!! Who’s looking for some great gluten free recipes for strawberries? ...
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Gluten Free, Grain Free Sandwich Wraps Recipe -

Gluten Free, Grain Free, Sandwich Wrap

This grain free sandwich wrap recipe is quick and easy to prepare. You can keep the wraps in the fridge ...
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Gluten Free on a Budget – Tips and Cornmeal Pancake Recipe

Looking for tips on how to make gluten free work on a budget? Here are a few tips, and a ...
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Gluten Free Labeling Information for Small Businesses

Do you have a small business or cottage industry? The FDA has guidelines for labeling your product "Gluten Free". Here's ...
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gluten free pecan breakfast cookies with coconut flour-recipe from

Gluten Free Pecan Breakfast Cookies with Coconut Flour

Gluten free pecan breakfast cookies made with coconut flour are a healthy way to celebrate National Pecan Month!! ...
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wendy's gluten free menu review on - Lots of tasty choices!!

Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu Review

Wendy's is the hidden gem of the gluten free dining world and is quickly becoming my favorite place to eat ...
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Gluten Free Quick Start Guide - Other Names for Gluten, Lists of Gluten Free Foods, Tips to get you started on a gluten free diet

Gluten Free Diet Quick Start Guide

One of our good friends messaged me last week. His daughter had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and he wanted ...
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What Does Gluten Free Mean? A simple explanation of the FDA’s gluten free labeling rule

What does gluten free mean? If you live in the USA, the FDA has laid it all out. Here's what ...
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Mesa Verde in the Denver Airport Concourse D – A Review

Anyone else dread finding a good gluten free meal in the airport? ...
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Gluten Free Crock Pot Pulled Pork

Pulled pork in the crock pot, fast, easy to make first thing in the morning, and done when you're ready ...
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Easy gluten free sliders (meatballs) from

Gluten Free Sliders or Meatballs

Life has been a little crazy since November, and I'm appreciating fast easy gluten free meals like these sliders.  ...
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Gluten Free Thanksgiving Meal Plan

This is the year! We're finally going to do an actual traditional Thanksgiving Dinner ...
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Gluten Free, Grain Free, Nut Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

This crispy, crunchy, gluten free chocolate chip cookie actually had my gluten-eating kids sneaking cookies from the cookie jar ...
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Gluten Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day review and recipe

Gluten Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes Cookbook Review and Sneak Peek Recipe

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Google Plus, you'll know that a couple of weeks ago, I was ...
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Gluten Free Pumpkin Desserts for Thanksgiving – Pinterest Roundup

Nothing says it's the Holidays like Pumpkin flavored desserts!! Here are some from my favorite Gluten Free Bloggers and Pinners ...
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super easy gluten free baked salmon from - quick meal!!

Super Easy Gluten Free Baked Salmon

I just made these super easy baked salmon fillets for my college age daughter to take back to school with ...
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The Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project – A little off topic

Hey friends! This is a little off topic from my regular gluten free recipes and advice, but because I have ...
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Super Easy Roasted Sweet Potatoes in the Crock Pot from - easy gluten free side

Super Easy Roasted Sweet Potatoes in the Crock Pot

Guys, this recipe is actually so easy, it's almost not a recipe. Naturally gluten free sweet potatoes are a staple ...
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Gluten Free Bisquick Waffle Recipe Review from

Gluten Free Bisquick Waffle Recipe Review

I love waffles, and I really wanted a great gluten free waffle, so I bought a new waffle maker. One ...
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Mellow Mushroom Gluten Free Pizza Review from

Mellow Mushroom Gluten Free Pizza Review

Caution: Excessive use of the word "amazing" When I was a kid, I lived in a small town with two ...
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find gluten free cloud dough recipes on

Gluten Free Cloud Dough

Gluten Free Cloud Dough is saving my summer. At least for today. 🙂  ...
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Easy Gluten Free, Grain Free Pizza Crust!! from

Easy Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Tuesday night is pizza night for the kids at our house. We'll often pick up takeout for the gluten-eaters, but ...
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Chicken and rice bake in a casserole dish by a window.

Gluten Free Chicken Rice Bake – Fast and Easy

This gluten free chicken rice bake is the perfect family dinner when things get busy. Just add the ingredients to ...
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Easy Gluten Free Ice Cream Cake from

Easy Gluten Free Hot Fudge Caramel Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Almost as easy as making an ice cream sundae! This is one of my favorites for special events ...
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Gluten Free Baked Beans in the Crock-Pot from

Gluten Free Baked Beans in a Crock Pot

I think every area of North America, or maybe every family in North America, has a different way to cook ...
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Gluten Free in Baton Rouge

Gluten Free in Baton Rouge Series on Baton Rouge Moms – Bonefish Grill

Have you seen my new series on Baton Rouge Moms? It's all about gluten friendly restaurants in the Baton Rouge ...
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Gluten Free Pasta Bake and Gluten Free Vodka Style Pasta - recipes submitted by reader Jennifer McCarthy

Gluten Free Pasta Bake and Gluten Free Vodka Style Pasta – Reader submitted recipes

You're busy, I'm busy, that's why I'm so grateful for readers who share their fast and easy gluten free recipes ...
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a closeup of Sunbutter cookies on parchment paper

Trail Mix SunButter Cookies – Gluten Free, Peanut Free

When my twitter friend Elizabeth from SunButter offered to send me some coupons for free jars of Sun Butter, I ...
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Gluten Free Chocolate Cheesecake Pudding from

Gluten Free Chocolate Cheesecake Pudding

Amazingly chocolaty, this no-cook cheesecake pudding is perfect for a cozy night in! ...
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Gluten Free Donut Holes from

Gluten Free Donut Holes (Timbits)

I was so excited to have a cheap and easy-to-make all purpose baking mix. I'm working on some recipes for ...
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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes made with Thai Rice Flour Baking Mix

Gluten Free Pancakes made with Thai Rice Flour Baking Mix

I'm pretty proud of these pancakes. They're made with my homemade baking mix made from the super cheap Thai Rice ...
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Gluten Free Baking Mix Recipe from

Gluten Free Baking Mix with Thai Rice Flour

I've finally come up with an inexpensive all purpose gluten free baking mix that I really like!  ...
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finally crunchy gluten free chocolate chip cookies from

Crunchy Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Light, crispy and crunchy. These cookies start out with a great bite and then melt away in your mouth.  ...
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Gluten Free Paper Bag Popcorn

Almost everyone in my house is over 5'5". Almost. Five of the six of us are. My four year old ...
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Easy Gluten Free Baked Macaroni and Cheese from - comforting family dinner

Easy Gluten Free Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Rich and creamy, this comforting gluten free baked macaroni and cheese is a perfect dinner for surviving the Polar Vortex!! ...
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13 gluten free blogs for gluten free bloggers to read over the holidays - a list from Jodi at

13 Gluten Free Blogs for Gluten Free Beginners to Read Over the Holidays

If you're a gluten free beginner, you might be new to the wonderful world of gluten free bloggers. These are ...
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Gluten Free No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Marshmallow Bars from

Gluten Free No-Bake Chocolate Marshmallow Bars

It's Christmas!! And with Christmas comes all of those amazing desserts and squares that Grandma used to make. This was ...
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Gluten Free Alternatives to Building a Gingerbread House - Ideas for a new family tradition from

Gluten Free Alternatives to Making a Gingerbread House

Just when you thought you had this whole Gluten Free thing down, WHAM! Here come the holidays, and with them, ...
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gluten free midnight delight Christmas cookies from

“Midnight Delight” Chocolate Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies

I have it on good authority that these chocolate gluten free cake mix cookies are Santa's favorite. Seriously. If you're ...
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Gluten Free, Nut Free Hello Dolly Bars from

Easy! Gluten Free Hello Dolly Bars – nut free

Reasons to love these gluten free Hello Dolly Bars: They’re fast, they’re easy to make, they’re rich and sweet and ...
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Ginger Cranberry Tea- help cure bloating and indigestion from holiday over-eating {}

Ginger Cranberry Tea

A few days ago +Pamela Morse shared this Beat Holiday Bloat Cran-Water recipe on Google Plus as a way helping with the consequences ...
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gluten free sprinkle doodles and confetti cookies from

Gluten Free Sprinkle Doodle Cookies Made With Gluten Free Bisquick

I don't usually make cookies. I usually make cakes. If I can get away with it, I make one-bowl cakes ...
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How to Make your own cashew flour - a step by step guide to making your own cashew meal for gluten free baking from

How to Make Your Own Cashew Flour for Gluten Free Baking

A number of gluten free recipes call for cashew meal or almond meal. But how do I make my own ...
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ginger spice cranberry sauce- an easy homemade cranberry sauce with fresh ginger and cinnamon

Ginger Spice Cranberry Sauce – Gluten Free

Homemade cranberry sauce is on my list of really impressive things that are super easy to make. It's like homemade ...
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gluten free thanksgiving dinner in a hotel - tips, menu and shopping list for Thanksgiving on the road from

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dinner in a Hotel

This year is a rare and special year for our family. It's one of the only years we haven't moved ...
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Gluten Free Nanaimo Bars - A Canadian favorite made gluten free - from

Gluten Free Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars are a traditional Canadian favorite! Unfortunately the traditional recipe contains gluten in the crust. This is one of ...
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Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Maple Banana Bread from - Easier to make than pancakes! Great breakfast idea!

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Maple Banana Bread

A simple banana bread, lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup instead of sugar ...
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Udi's Gluten Free Bread-End Stuffing from - perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!!

Udi’s Gluten Free Bread-End Stuffing for Turkey

Miss traditional bread stuffing in your turkey? This is a remake of a family favorite using Udi's Gluten Free Bread-Ends ...
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Crustless Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake from - A simple, yet elegant gluten free dessert for Thanksgiving

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake in a Jar

An adorable crustless pumpkin pie cheesecake in a jar that only takes minutes to prepare.  ...
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Get Involved in freedible’s Thanksgiving Campaign!

Hey Friends! The Freedible Thanksgiving Campaign is underway! Want to participate? Here's how!! ...
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Know Gluten’s List of Must Watch Gluten Summit Videos for Gluten Free Beginners

Hey friends!! The very first Gluten Summit starts on November 11-18. It's an online series of interviews with gluten experts ...
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Gluten Free Ground Beef 4 Ways - 1 pan of ground beef, 4 meals. from

Gluten Free Ground Beef 4 Ways – 1 pan of ground beef, 4 meals

Here's another one of the actual gluten free meals we eat every day. With so many people having so many ...
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Gluten Free S'macaroons from

Gluten Free S’macaroons

Chewy coconut, crispy Glutino cracker, creamy marshmallow and chocolate. This super easy cookie is a gorgeous combination of  macaroon and ...
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Gluten Free Road Trip - Northern California with

Gluten Free Road Trip to Northern California

Scott and I had such a great trip to California for our anniversary. We had an opportunity to visit some ...
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gluten free, grain free pizza bites from

Gluten Free Pizza Bites made with Tapioca Flour

We have a slight pizza addiction in our house. We'll sometimes buy gluten free pizza crusts from Truly Free, our local gluten free restaurant ...
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Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free, Strawberry Smoothie from (976x600)

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free, Strawberry Smoothie

I crave sugar. If you were to hear that out loud it would be "I crrrraaaaaavvvvvvvvveeee sugar". But I'm trying ...
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Seven Steps to Regaining my Health - Jodi From Know Gluten Shares her Journey on NOLA Paleo

Seven Steps to Regaining My Health – Guest Post on NOLA Paleo

Hey Friends! I'm guest posting today on NOLA Paleo sharing my own healing journey. It's not really a "gluten free ...
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GFAF Giveaway on Baton Rouge Moms Blog

Gluten Free & Allergen Free Wellness Event Ticket Giveaway on Baton Rouge Mom’s Blog

I'm super excited. For the first time I will be in a city at the same time as a Gluten ...
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Gluten Free Tiny Cherry Tarts made with Pillsbury Pie and Pastry Dough from

Gluten Free Cherry Tarts and Pillsbury Gluten Free Pie and Pastry Dough Review

Finally our local grocery store has started carrying the Pillsbury gluten free dough products! We bought a couple of containers ...
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These recipes are all either naturally gluten free or easily made gluten free with one small substitution.

7 Entrees from your Favorite Food Bloggers made Gluten Free

Facebook Friends! This one's for you! Here are some recipes from my favorite food bloggers that are either already naturally ...
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Really Quick Gluten Free Soup Stock from - Gluten Free, Vegan

Really Quick Gluten Free Soup Stock

Many recipes call for chicken broth or soup stock. If you don't have any on hand, or if you can't ...
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Ginger and honey tea from

Ginger and Honey Tea

Ginger is naturally warming and a natural stimulant. It relieves inflammation and soothes stomach problems. It boosts the immune system ...
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Gluten Free News Bite

Some Exciting News!! Hi Friends! I have a bit of news to share! I'm out of town this week so ...
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gluten free desserts for Thanksgiving on

10 Gluten Free Desserts for Canadian Thanksgiving

It's almost Thanksgiving!! In Canada that is. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.  Canadians have their big ...
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bullet proof maple mocha from

Bullet Proof Maple Mocha

Are you as confused as I am about whether your favorite Starbuck's drink is gluten free?There's so much conflicting information, ...
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Easy Homemade Gluten Free Alphabet Soup from - Homemade soup may take a little time on the stove, but it's super simple to make! Directions here!

Homemade Gluten Free Alphabet Soup

Warm and rich, this is the perfect soup for that little one with a cold. I add pre-cooked gluten free ...
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charlies brownies

Gourmet Gluten Free Brownies from Charlie’s Brownies – Kickstarter Campaign

Here's something I just found out about, and I'm pretty excited! Charlie's Brownies, gourmet gluten free brownies! I'm a sucker ...
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10 Gluten Free Playdough Recipes from

10 Gluten Free Play Dough Recipes

You can't buy Play Doh if you can't eat gluten. It's made with wheat. And worse, it's sticky. It gets ...
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Grilled chicken and blueberry salad from

Gluten Free Grilled Chicken and Blueberry Salad

Here's a fun way to eat up grilled chicken leftovers, a salad with Vidalia Onion Dressing and Blueberries ...
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Better Gluten Free Bisquick Pancakes from

Better Gluten Free Bisquick Pancakes

Light, fluffy and moist, these are better Gluten Free Bisquick Pancakes ...
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Quick and Easy Gluten Free Roast Pork in Foil - Gluten Free from - This is a super simple pork loin recipe. Cooking it in the foil pouch makes it amazingly tender. Love that it only takes about an hour to roast.

Quick and Easy Gluten Free Roast Pork In Foil

Another fast easy meal from the actual kitchen of know gluten. This roast pork self bastes in a loose foil ...
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40th Birthday Reflections – The Gluten Free Fad

Today is my 40th Birthday. Yay! I honestly never imagined myself so old! It's also a decade since I started ...
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Easy Gluten Free Marinated Drumsticks Cooked From Frozen from perfect for a busy weeknight!!

Gluten Free Chicken Drumsticks Cooked From Frozen

Want a fast, easy, family dinner that takes almost no time at all to prepare? I keep frozen chicken drumsticks ...
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Top 10 Reasons to eat at a Dedicated Gluten Free Restaurant from

Top 10 Reasons to Eat at a Dedicated Gluten Free Restaurant

Today is Celiac Awareness Day and I'm sharing something especially close to my heart, the sheer joy of eating at ...
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Gluten Free Pumpkin Mousse Shortcake from

Gluten Free Pumpkin Mousse

All the kids are back at school, Labor day is over, September has begun. It's still 90F here, but I'm ...
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Gluten Free After School Snacks Guest Post

Gluten Free/Peanut Free After School Snacks

Today I'm guest posting at Julie's blog Natural and Free sharing the after school snacks we serve to fuel our ...
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Gluten Free Meal Planning Resources That Are Absolutely Free! -

Gluten Free Meal Planning Resources That Are Absolutely Free

When you first go gluten free, it can be a struggle to just figure out what to eat. At the ...
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4 quick gluten free banana breakfast ideas from with hipster photos

4 Quick Gluten Free Banana Breakfast Ideas

Even with the increasing variety of gluten free cereals, gluten free breakfast choices can be somewhat limited. We've gotten pretty ...
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Mean Green Juice from

Mean Green Juice

When you collect autoimmune diseases like I do, there are times when getting juice is an emergency. If you're dealing ...
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How to make Loaded Baked Potatoes - a step by step guide from

How to Make Loaded Baked Potatoes – A Step By Step Guide from

There's something really amazing about a baked potato. Not a microwaved potato, but a hot, fresh from the oven, wrapped ...
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Gluten Free Watergate Salad from

Gluten Free Watergate Salad

Growing up, it wouldn't have been a family celebration without Grandma Dot's Green Fluff Salad. Today, on what would have ...
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Janohah's Tofu Parmesan from

Gluten Free Tofu Parmesan

Tofu Parmesan is an easy, tasty, vegetarian dish. I love this gluten free version with marinara sauce and rice stick ...
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The Gluten Free School Lunch Challenge, Gluten free Bread

Gluten Free School Lunch Challenge – Gluten Free Bread

At one time, gluten free bread was only edible toasted and then loaded down with things that might kill the ...
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Chuck E Cheese's Gluten Free Pizza Review on

Chuck E Cheese’s Gluten Free Pizza Review

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that Chuck E Cheese's has a gluten free pizza. I contacted them about ...
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Gluten free chicken parmesean from

Gluten Free Chicken Parmesan

My favorite Pre-Gluten-Free food was Italian. Nothing fancy. Just loads of pasta and anything covered in tomato sauce and cheese ...
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Gluten Free Ginger Garlic Coriandar Marinade from

Gluten Free Ginger Garlic Coriander Marinade for Chicken or Tofu

Chicken is naturally gluten free, and easy to make, but it can get boring. I love spicing things up with ...
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The Gluten Free School Lunch Challenge Chocolate Chip Cookies Blue

Gluten Free School Lunch Challenge – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Over the next few weeks, kids in most of the northern hemisphere will be ending their summer breaks and heading ...
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your favorite gluten free bloggers share tips for dining out safely on

Your Favorite Gluten Free Bloggers Share – Tips for Dining Out Safely

Dining out while gluten free can be very stressful. At least it's stressful for me. Scouring the internet for gluten-friendly ...
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Gluten Free Fish Taco Salad from

Gluten Free Fish Taco Salad

I am absolutely addicted to fish tacos. Absolutely. I could eat them at every meal, every day. The only thing ...
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Gluten Free is now 20ppm, What the new FDA ruling means for you - from

Twenty Parts Per Million – What the FDA Gluten Free Ruling Means for You

The new FDA ruling is out. A product can be labeled gluten free if it contains fewer than twenty parts ...
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Chuck E Cheese's - Gluten Free Done Right

Chuck E Cheese’s – Gluten Free The Right Way – A Pre-Dining Review

I'll be going to Chuck E Cheese's on Sunday for my youngest daughter's fourth birthday, and I'll definitely be trying ...
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Gluten Free Baked Apples from

Gluten Free Baked Apples

Could baked apples be the ultimate gluten free comfort food? I love the sweet, warm, tender-crisp texture of this simple ...
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Is Corn Gluten Gluten-Free?

Is Corn Gluten Gluten-Free?

This may seem obvious to some, but lately I've had a few comments on social media posts that have prompted ...
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Gluten Recovery Purple Super Juice from

Gluten Recovery Purple Super Juice

One of the biggest problems with having Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance is getting accidentally glutened. This is usually followed ...
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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Baby Cakes with Coconut Flour from

Chocolate Chip Baby Cakes with Coconut Flour

You'd never know that these gluten free chocolate chip baby-cakes are grain-free and low sugar. They're so tasty and the ...
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How to Safely Bake for a Gluten Free Friend - gluten free tips from

How to Safely Bake for a Gluten Free Friend

Occasionally, I get asked for gluten free advice from someone who isn't gluten free, but really loves someone who is ...
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Gluten Free Black Olive and Feta Appetizer Puffs from

Gluten Free Black Olive and Feta Appetizer Puffs

I love it when I find gluten free recipes that are quick, easy and inexpensive and still make me look ...
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Gluten Free sharing size chocolate mug cake made with Gluten Free Bisquick from

Gluten Free Sharing Size Chocolate Mug Cake

Mug cakes have been popular almost as long as microwaves have been around. This Gluten Free Chocolate Sharing Size Mug ...
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Gluten Free Resource: The Gluten Freedom Project

Update: Greg from the Gluten Freedom Project contacted me to let me know that the entire program is now COMPLETELY ...
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Grain Free Toffee Apple Muffins with Coconut Flour from

Grain Free Toffee Apple Muffins with Coconut Flour

I love a muffin with lots of texture and fruit. These grain free toffee apple muffins are softened with apple ...
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Ridiculously Easy Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies From

Ridiculously Easy Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies

This weekend I'll be speaking at the first every Google Plus Virtual Food Blogger's Conference. I'm very excited to be ...
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Easy Cheesy Gluten Free Eggs Benedict from - a fast, easy alternative when you're craving Eggs Benedict

Easy Cheesy Gluten Free Eggs Benedict

Friday was another one of those crazy days. Holiday party the night before, woke up with the 3 year old ...
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Helen's Amazing Gluten Free Layer Dip from

Helen’s Amazing Gluten Free Layer Dip

This weekend we went to the most amazing 4th of July party ever. Friends had us over for dinner, and ...
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Gluten Free Cheese Grits from

Gluten Free Cheese Grits

So, I might have mentioned, there are a few different eating needs and tastes in our home. Out of the ...
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Gluten Free Instant Cheese Sauce Powder for Mac and Cheese

Gluten Free Instant Cheese Sauce Powder for Macaroni and Cheese or Kraft Dinner

Happy Canada Day!! Fun Fact: Canadians eat more Kraft Macaroni and Cheese per capita than any other nation. We may ...
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Gluten Free Corn Relish {click the picture to get the recipe}

Gluten Free Corn Relish

So, my daughter took this amazing picture of the Target Brownie she bought from an antique shop. It's one of ...
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Gluten Free Cookies and Cream Cheesecake in a Jar

Gluten Free Cookies and Cream Cheesecake in a Jar

I just have to say it. Cheesecake impresses people. If you're having someone over for dinner, and you want to ...
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Easy gluten free slow cooker caramel sauce knowgluten

Easy Gluten Free Crock-Pot Caramel Sauce

Sweetened condensed milk is gluten free. This is great, because you can use it to make an amazing caramel sauce ...
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Summer Spice Salad Dressing

Summer Spice Salad Dressing

Is it hot yet at your place? Growing up in Canada, this time of year was Almost Summer. Two more ...
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strawberries and strawberry cream

Gluten Free Strawberries and Strawberry Cream with Bonus Homemade Strawberry Sauce Recipe

Strawberry season here in Louisiana is in April. Perfect for us this year. We bought a whole box of roadside ...
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A closeup of potato starch tortillas.

Potato Starch Tortillas – Gluten Free, Perfect for Passover

These potato starch tortillas are naturally gluten free and perfect for Passover. Use them as crepes or wraps. It’s amazing ...
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gluten free flat bread from knowgluten

Gluten Free Bread Alternative – Gluten Free Flat-Bread

The quest for the perfect gluten free bread continues today with the weirdest bread I've ever heard of. The original ...
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Gluten Free Bread Alternative Brazilian Cheese Buns

Gluten Free Bread Alternative – Brazilian Cheese Buns

I think everyone who goes gluten free begins a quest. The quest for the perfect bread. The perfect bread is ...
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Chocolate Muffin from know

Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Muffins

I have a feeling that if we were to go back in time to the early 80's and eat a ...
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gluten free poached salmon from know gluten

Gluten Free Poached Salmon

Every time I go to the grocery store, I get asked about my food. Partly because I live in a ...
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A list of gluten free foods you can eat from know gluten. me

A List of Gluten Free Foods You Can Eat

You're just getting started with a gluten free diet and you need a list of gluten free foods you can ...
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gluten free chicken and broccoli egg bake from know

Gluten Free Chicken and Broccoli Egg Bakes

Here's a cooking "pro-tip", if you make roast chicken, make broccoli too. Then tomorrow you can have broccoli and chicken ...
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Gluten free roast chicken with apple and sweet onion stuffing from

Gluten Free Roast Chicken with Apple and Sweet Onion Stuffing

The best part about a roast chicken? In my gluten eating days it was the stuffing. I especially liked the ...
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gluten free tilapia lettuce wrap from

Gluten Free Tilapia Lettuce Wraps with Green Apple Dressing

There are really only two meals that I specifically crave. Really crave. The lay awake in bed and think about ...
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gluten free baked tilapia on a bed of sweet onions from

Gluten Free Baked Tilapia on a Bed of Sweet Onions

Tilapia is a a naturally gluten free food, and is a perfect busy night supper. One of my favorites. Perfect ...
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Go Gluten Free in 8 Easy Steps Tips from Knowgluten

Go Gluten Free in 8 Easy Steps

Going Gluten Free can seem intimidating. It's really not as hard as you think. I've set up 8 easy steps ...
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Chicken and Vegetable Stir fry (or salad) With Cilantro Cheese Salsa

Chicken and Vegetable Stir fry (or Salad) with Cilantro Cheese Salsa

Thinking back to those first days of going gluten free, long before gluten free bread was readily available in grocery ...
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grilled chicken and vegetables - gluten free, grain free, from know

Grilled Chicken and Vegetables – Gluten Free, Grain Free

Grilled chicken and vegetables is one of our favorite dinners. It's fast and easy to prepare, you can stand outside ...
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4 simple gluten free dinners and elegant leftover lunches

4 Simple Gluten Free Dinners, and Elegant Leftover Lunches

Giving up a major part of your diet can make preparing meals a little intimidating. Even with a list of ...
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Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins – Gluten Free

When I was about 25 or so, I was out of town and I took my twins and my young ...
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Spicy Black Bean, Pumpkin Soup, Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Spicy Black Bean, Pumpkin Soup Gluten Free, Vegan

Let's be honest, nothing is more impressive than telling someone you made soup from scratch. There's a sort of mystique ...
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Grain Free Raisin "Bran" Muffins

Gluten Free, Grain Free Raisin “Bran” Muffins

I mentioned the other day that my husband is a wonderful guy. He really is. He's the kind of guy ...
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Gluten Free, Dairy Free Pumpkin Smoothie

Three year olds seem to have a sixth sense. When you've had little sleep and have a lot to do, ...
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Gluten Free, Grain Free Pumpkin Muffins

Sooo, pumpkin was on sale at Walmart this week. Fifty cents a can. I may have bought some. So, this ...
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Fast Easy Baked Eggs with Brie

When I was surviving my first set of three year olds (my now 16 year old twins) I lived on ...
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warning, your gluten free food might not be celiac safe

Warning, Your Gluten Free Food Might NOT Be Celiac Safe

Not Just A Fad More people are realizing that they have a problem with gluten in food. As more consumers ...
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Five things to do with Make and Mold Candy Wafers

Make and Mold Candy Wafers are Gluten Free! They're so fun, and they really turn any situation into a celebration ...
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Salmon and Sweet Potatoes with Cucumber Peach Relish

This is a great meal for those crazy weeknights when I've forgotten to take something out for supper ...
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Gluten free baked chicken in the crock-pot

Super Easy Baked Chicken Breast in the Crock-Pot

Did you know you could cook chicken in a slow-cooker without water, broth or canned soup? You can, and it's ...
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Lower fat coconut flour cupcakes from

Lower Fat Coconut Flour Cupcakes with Marshmallow Cream Cheese Icing

My house is populated by health conscious teens and I was scolded for my flagrant butter abuse in my coconut ...
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Gluten Free Pumpkin Gingerbread with Lemon Curd

I'm looking at the weather reports back "home" in Canada, and it's still so COLD!! Yesterday my daughter's boyfriend actually ...
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Fast, Easy Coconut Flour Cupcakes – Grain Free

I originally discovered this recipe when searching for a strawberry shortcake made with coconut flour. Honestly, it's one of the ...
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Gluten Free Banana Pancakes with Bob's Red Mill Rice Flour -

Gluten Free Banana Pancakes with Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour

Breakfast can be a dilemma for a mom with a large family. Some days I just point everyone to the ...
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Gluten Free Rum and Spice Apple Tart

This is a fantastic, easy cake made with apple sauce and spices. The apples on top are beautiful and add ...
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red pepper hummus soup, gluten free, vegetarian from

Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Red Pepper Hummus Soup

Creamy and spicy with just a hint of garlic. This Red Pepper Hummus Soup is perfect for a quick meal ...
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Gluten Free Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup from

Gluten Free, Vegan, Very Easy Broccoli Soup

It seems everyone in my house has a different food issue. This year, because of increasingly poor health, my daughter ...
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Gluten Free Date Balls

Gluten Free Date Balls

I like novelty. I like to travel and move and meet new people and try new foods. But at Christmas ...
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Basic Gluten Free Banana Bread

Every week we buy bananas. It's what responsible grown up people with children do. And some of the bananas get ...
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Roasted Winter Vegetables, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Meeting multiple dietary needs in one family (or one person) can be a challenge. In our house, I'm gluten-free and ...
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Gluten Free Vegan Football Fritters

It's official. After an amazing 11 months in Thailand, we're moving back to the States. Needless to say, I have ...
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Gluten Free Cashew Butter Brownies with Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing from

Gluten Free Cashew Butter Brownies with Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing

I finally did it. I finally came up with a gluten free brownie that everyone likes. Not only that, they ...
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Grain Free, Dairy Free Apple Crisp

Last week I was homesick. Not seriously, just a little. Reading everyone's tweets and Facebook posts about cooler weather and ...
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Grain Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

My family is divided about these brownies. Half of us think that these are the most amazing thing ever, the ...
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Gluten Free Road Trip

I love traveling, new places, new people. But I'm not so crazy about the new food and the same old ...
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Grain Free Cashew Flour Pancakes from

Gluten Free, Grain Free Cashew Flour Pancakes

I am incredibly happy. I have finally found a grain free pancake recipe that I LOVE!! When I was a ...
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Peanut Butter Caramel

This caramel uses only 2 ingredients and is done completely on the stove. You just pour two cans of sweetened ...
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Chicken Noodle Greek Salad

We had company last night. It was way too hot to cook so we ordered McDonald's for some; but for ...
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How to make Polenta

We started eating polenta when we moved back to the United States from Malawi, Africa. In Malawi we ate a ...
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Brown Bag Lunch Chickpea Salad

Taking a lunch to work or school is one of the biggest gluten free struggles. If you have access to ...
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carrot and lentil soup

Carrot and Lentil Soup

This is one of my favorite recipes. It's one of the easiest things to make. It's creamy, flavorful, healthy and ...
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Gluten Free Coconut Quinoa Porridge

My parents are coming to visit from Canada in two weeks!! We're all very excited here; we haven't seen them ...
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How to Make Quinoa

Here's a quick easy tutorial on making Quinoa. I'm not a huge fan of plain quinoa, but I cook it ...
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Gluten Free Kitchen Scrap Soup Stock

I find I always have a struggle finding a base for my soups. Bouillon can contain wheat based ingredients and ...
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Gluten Free Vegan Mung Bean and Ginger Soup

Gluten Free, Vegan, Mung Bean and Ginger Soup

This easy soup is great served right away, but so much better after the flavors have a chance to mingle ...
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Gluten Free Mung Bean Pancakes

On Monday I invented mung bean pancakes. I had ground mung beans to try out in my continuing grain free ...
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Flourless Mock Bran Waffles

In my quest to make a waffle that I can use a substitute for flavorless toast, I discovered a mock ...
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Gluten Free Peanut Flour Waffles

I've been experimenting with flourless waffles trying to find an inexpensive, flavorless substitute for gluten free toast. I've tried peanut ...
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Easiest Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Naturally Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies!! (That taste like peanut butter cookies) ...
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other names for gluten

Other Names for Gluten

Brand new to Gluten Free? You've just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, or a doctor or trusted medical professional has ...
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